Business Performance Manager at Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Helen Nowakowska from Countess Of Chester Hospital is an inspirational leader and motivates the coordination of Access Receptionists throughout the Trust. Helen has always supported her teams, making them feel that they can change direction; but they must change their ways to reach their destinations.

Helen shows significant commitment to the Trust, which shines through in her caring personality, whilst remaining focused on staff commitment and demonstrates core Trust Values such as: being safe, kind and effective. She leads her team to think about their health and wellbeing, ensuring that they have the control to speak openly about how they feel inwardly and what they could contribute to change the environment they work in.

Helen is a clear leader who will put others first, especially when celebrating their personal victories. She will take a strong stance when needed and she is very much appreciated on a day-to-day basis. The skills and experience Helen has means she can lead by example. 

Helen is a truly inspirational leader, attaining much of her style of management from her personal morals and values.

“I felt very proud to win the award, but also surprised as there were so many amazing candidates that had been shortlisted. The experience was great and the awards ceremony itself was brilliant. It has also helped build on my network of colleagues around the country” - Helen Nowakowska.