Project Manager at St Helens and Whiston Hospitals

Paul Siner is a project manager within St Helens and Whiston Hospitals Health Informatics Service. During his four years in this role, Paul has successfully overseen the deployment of several key systems and applications across the trust. These have resulted in demonstrable outcomes and tangible benefits for staff and patients, transforming the way patient care is delivered. Paul shows a commitment to his role at all times, however, there are two key achievements that are perfect examples of Pauls dedication to his role and to achieving the right outcomes for the organisation and patients:

1. Deploying Opera Theatre System.

Paul took over the management of this project after it had been paused for re-assessment. After determining and resolving the challenges that had been met previously, Paul worked with the system supplier to deliver this system; replacing an aged solution that was no longer fit for purpose. Opera was embedded across the trust in summer 2017 and Paul worked hard to ensure the Informatics Training Team were well equipped with the right skills and knowledge to provide support to staff in theatres during the roll-out.

It is fair to say that the Opera project had experienced several false starts, however under the guidance of Paul his steady and dependable leadership enabled the right outcome to be achieved. The trust now has a solution in place that has improved scheduling of theatre lists and improved communication between theatres, clinicians and wards, having a measurable impact on patient care.

2. Deployed Emews Solution.

This award-winning project was delivered at pace, taking just 16 weeks to deploy across 2 hospitals, 34 wards, with over 2,000 trained staff, all without impacting on patient care or ward performance. The rate of deployment was the fastest for this type of system in the UK. The success of the deployment was down to Paul’s management of this project, positive engagement with clinical and nursing colleagues, and the fostering of a great partnership with the supplier.

Deployed Emews Solution recently won the “Best Improvement in Patient Safety Award”, at the Informatics Skills Development Awards. It was also shortlisted for the HSJ awards. The project has saved thousands of nursing hours each year by transforming a manual, time-consuming process for calculating patients early warning scores, into a digitised automatic process. It has also helped the faster identification of the more unwell patients and clinicians are able to act quicker to prevent further patient deterioration.

These transformational projects have been deployed with great success, sometimes in challenging circumstances, with minimal disruption to clinical colleagues and patient care. Paul has overcome all barriers, engaged with the right people, brought in clinical leadership, forged mutually beneficial supplier relationships and set the standard for future project management at the trust.